My Mean Boss
Written by Allene   

My Mean Boss

by Allene(read bio)

I was lucky to get this job since I didn't have great grades in school in spite of spankings by my parents for bad grades. They at least respected my modesty by having me go to my room and putting on my pajamas before going back down to lean over the back of the couch for my spanking. They just used a ping pong paddle which wouldn't have been too bad if there hadn't been so many spanks. They based it on my grades. "A" no spanks, "B"20 spanks "C" 30 spanks and "D" 40 spanks. Unfortunately I usually got Cs and Ds so with five classes I always got more than a hundred. By the time they finished I would be bawling like a baby and my poor butt would be deep red and stinging,burning and throbbing all at once. When done I was told to go to bed and the only thing that helped was rubbing my butt. I often had to rub for an hour before it stopped hurting.

Anyway I got a job as a receptionist and felt proud when they thought I was capable of dispensing the petty cash from a locked drawer in my desk.

The other girls teased me about my frumpy clothes but Mom had bought my clothes with the long skirts and loose blouses. Even if I could have afforded to buy new clothes I wouldn't have bought the slutty skirts they wore which came up to mid thigh. Mine well below the knees were fine. Mom had told me it was important to be modest and I saw it was true by the way men leered at the other girls but treated me with respect.

The job did not pay very well so I was broke by payday in spite of skipping lunches. I lost weight but I have a weird body. I only lost weight in my stomach and my 36D boobs and 36 in butt looked huge next to the tiny waist.It embarrassed me so much I covered up the bottom part of my mirror so I could only see myself from the neck up.

Then disaster struck. My car broke down and I lived too far from a bus route to get along without it. When the mechanic called me to tell me the repair bill I realised I was a hundred dollars short of being able to pay it.

I decided to take a hundred from the petty cash drawer and pay it back by payday. They never counted the money my boss would just put more in the drawer when I told him it was running out.

Unfortunately I had to have a tooth filled and couldn't pay it back payday or the next payday.

On Friday my boss told me to come to his office after work. I really hoped it was to tell me I got a raise in pay since I was so broke.

He was sitting behind his big desk and waved me to a chair in front of him.When I was seated he said, "You may not know this but every night before I go home I check your petty cash to see if I need to stop at the bank to replenish it."

I knew I was in trouble and stammered, "Iii can explain."

"Shut up and let me finish."

I slumped and nodded.

"Two weeks ago I found you were short a hundred dollars in the accounting. I gave you the benefit of doubt and assumed you had forgotten to document it but it has been two weeks and you are still short so I can only assume you stole the money. Don't come to work Monday I will call the police and tell them to arrest you at home to save you some embarrassment. It is a shame even after you get out of jail you will have a hard time getting a job with a prison record."

I cried, "Oh please don't do that. I'll pay you back. I'll pay double."

It is too late for that besides by having you arrested the insurance company will pay the loss."

"Oh please! Can't I make up for it in some way. I'll do anything!"

"If you are offering sexual favors, forget it. You could be trying to trap me and sue me for sexual harrassment."

"Oh no I wouldn't do that. I was thinking of you punishing me in another way. My parents spanked me when I was bad. Could you be satisfied with that?"

He looked interested and said, "Maybe we could work something out. Describe your parents spanking."

I blushed realizing I had never told anyone about being spanked even my best friends but I had started this so I said, "On the day I was to be spanked I had to go up to my room and put on my pajamas. When I came back down there would be a dining room chair in the center of the room. I had to lean over the back and hold on to the seat for the spanking."

"I see. What did they use to spank you."

"A ping pong paddle."

"Did that hurt?"

"Yes! I only had the thin pajamas and my panties to protect my bottom."

"How many spanks would you get?"

"Up to a hundred. My poor bottom would hurt until the next day."

"So you would be willing to take a hundred spanks to make up for the hundred dollars?"

I thought that was really reasonable since stealing was much worse than bad grades and said, "Oh yes if it will make you forgive me."

"From the clothes you wear and the fact your parents allowed you to be fully covered in pajamas you are evidentally quite modest. Right?"

"Oh yes. I even waited to shower at home after gym classes."

"Well I am sure you agree that stealing is much worse than anything your parents spanked you for doing so to make your spanking worse you will be completely nude for it. Do you agree."

"Oh no. Please! I would die of embarrassment."

"No-one can die from embarrassment although it would add to your punishment both by the humiliation and the sharper sting of spanks on nude skin. But it is your choice. That or Jail."

It was an awful decision. I had never been nude in front of girls let alone a mean old man but even that would be better than going to jail.

I whined, "If I have to. I will."

"Good but I will take no chances on being sued later.Look behind me and you will see a security camera. I want you to look at it and say,'I am very sorry I stole money from you and to make up for it I want to take a hundred spanks on my nude body."

I understood. I had read about girls collecting huge amounts of money for sexual harrassment although I saw nothing sexual about spanking. My voice kept breaking so I had to repeat it several times before he was satisfied even adding "Please spank me" at the end.

He said, "Follow me into the conference room and I blanched thinking it was going to happen."

In the conference room he said, "It may surprise you to know that other girls have preferred spanking to losing their job so I have gathered some instruments for that purpose."

He opened a cabinet and started laying scary things on the table. A paddle about the same as a ping pong paddle except it had a much longer handle and had holes drilled in the paddle part,a long thin bamboo cane,a 36 inch really thick ruler, an 18 inch long leather strap,and scariest of all a whip with five tightly braided thongs like small ropes.

He allowed me to stare at them in fear for a moment and then said, the paddle, cane and ruler is for fleshy parts like your butt and thighs. The strap and whip may be used anywhere on your body."

I knew I would have to choose the paddle, cane, or ruler because I could not conceive of being hit on places like my tummy or shocked at the thought of my breasts or crotch.

I whined, "It is an awful choice to make. All of them look as if they would hurt a lot more than a ping pong paddle. I am sure I may faint before you finished a hundred with any of them."

"Oh I agree. You would either faint or become so numb it would no longer hurt so we will have five sessions of twenty spanks each. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday."

It would be a long terrible week but I thought it would only take seconds to give me twenty spanks and said, "Yes. That would be better."

Good but since you are undecided on the instruments I would like to give you one spank with each so you will know what they are like.Do you agree?"

"I guess I should know before I commit myself to twenty."

"Good. On bare skin. Do you agree?"

I was hoping to put off that ordeal but I knew it would have to be that way. I gulped and said, "I guess it is the only way I will know. Will these count toward the total?"

"No this is for your benefit so you will know what they will feel like."

"Oh that doesn't seem fair but okay."

"Fine but there should be no doubt this is your idea. Face the camera and say,' May I please take off my clothes so you can hit me with each one so I will know how they feel."

God. It seemed like the minute I agreed to one indignity it was followed by another. I was so nervous it took three tries to get my speech right. When he was satisfied I looked sincere he said, "Okay. You may disrobe."

I stalled taking things off slowly and folding them to put them on the table not realizing my slow strip was good for him. When my blouse,skirt and slip was off he said, "Jesus. You have a beautiful body. I assumed you would be fat."

That both pleased me and embarrassed me. Nobody had ever said I was beautiful before but no-one had ever seen me so naked.

When I took off my bra he was again pleased saying, "Great your big breasts have hardly any sag."

They didn't sag since they had been supported for years with my big bras. I just nodded at the compliment and blushed.

He was not so pleased when I took off my panties saying, "Christ. That is the hairiest crotch I have ever seen. Don't you ever trim it?"

I blushed and said, "No I thought it is the way nature intended."

"Fuck nature. This weekend you will trim it."

I had never touched my crotch except the quick washes in the shower. The idea of standing in front of a mirror to trim the hair made me blush even deeper.

Then he had me bend over to grab the end of the table and made me say, "Please hit me with the paddle."

I heard a "Whish" as the air went through the holes then the worst pain I had ever experienced as it splatted against my butt cheek. It was much worse than the ping pong paddle and tears came to my eyes with my shriek.

I rubbed my bun to lessen the sting then I had to say "Please hit me with the cane."

He hit my other cheek with it and it was also horrible but different. It seemed to cut into me deeply to make the pain go deeper causing another burst of tears"

I rubbed both cheeks then had to say "Please hit me with the ruler."

I looked at him and he held the long ruler in both hands like a baseball hitter and brought it back behind his back. Then it was a blur followed by terrible pain. He had hit across right at the crease where my bottom meets my thighs. It must be an especially sensitive spot since that one hurt the most so far. It caused me to dance and sob and rub all at the same time.

He let me calm a little then had me say , "Please hit me with the strap."

He had me stand up facing the camera then stood beside me. He told me to tighten my stomach muscles and I sucked in my tummy.

He hit across my tummy just above my pubic bone. It really stung and left an angry red stripe but actually it was not as bad as the ruler. I had been able to absorb that pain with just a gasp so he had me say, "Please hit me with the whip."

He told me to put my hands behind me and to pull my elbows close together and suck in my tummy. It made my breasts stick out and was cruel. I expected to be hit again on my tummy but the whip came in a blur to snap into my breasts flattening and jerking them causing pain to radiate all through my body. I caressed my poor stinging and throbbing breasts with the angry red stripes not caring that he was watching with great interest..

He allowed me to dress which returned my modesty but the bra irritated the stripes especially the one across my nipples which had swollen to look like a couple of little thumbs.

When I was dressed I wanted to leave but he said, "What wiil you do to prepare yourself Monday?"

I remembered what he had said about my crotch hair and said softly, "I will trim my crotch hair."

"It is not your crotch hair it is your cunt hair and I have changed my mind. You will shave every hair off your cunt. I want you to look as if you were 4 years old. Say ,'I will shave every hair from my cunt. If I leave any I will get another spank for each hair."

I recoiled at the term "cunt." as I had only heard the word as a very drogatory term and the thought of being that naked appalled me.

I whined, "Can't I just cut it short with scissors?"

"No. Say, 'I will shave my cunt so you and the witnesses will see every inch of my slutty cunt."

The word witness scared the hell out of me. I cried, "Witnesses! You didn't say anything about anyone but you seeing my shame!"

"Oh it won't be many. Just my partner and some girls that were also spanked. Now say it!"

I thought at least the other girls would feel sorry for me and with a sick feeling I said , "I will shave my cunt so you and everyone can see my slutty cunt."

That finally satisfied him and he let me go home.

When I got home I could hardly wait to get the clothes off that wre irritating my welts and filled the tub with soothing lukewarm water.

While I soaked I thought about my horrible experience and dwelled on the fact the whole next week would be painful and degrading. I should have hated him but I hated myself for stealing to make punishment inevitable by either him or the court. Then I remembered reading about the jails being rampant with homosexuality and that butch dykes raped other girls. That convinced me I had made the right choice no matter how painful and degrading it may be.

Finally all the stinging sensations went away leaving only a throbbing sensation in my breasts that was not unpleasant. I remembered about my crotch hair and got a scissors and razor. I cut the hair as close as I could with the scissors and then shaved it. I had never touched my vaginal area so much before. In spite of myself I began to enjoy the feeling of my fingers holding my lips tight while the razor glided over my skin. That made me feel guilty and when I was done I whispered, "There you nasty cunt. Now they can all see you."

For the first time since I had moved into the apartment I removed the curtain covering the full length mirror on the closet door and looked at myself. It was amazing how naked the loss of the hair made me and I blushed although I was all alone.

On Sunday I remembered about the penalty for any hair missed in shaving and since it was so close to he ordeal I had caused I decided to punish myself by pulling the few remaining hairs with my eyebrow plucker. It hurt and I made it hurt more by slowly pulling on them until they ripped out. I even squateed over a mirror to pull any I found around my anus in spite of the tears that came to my eyes.

Although I never drank I decided a drink may help me stop dwelling on tomorrow so I decided to go to the corner liquor store to buy a half-pint of whiskey. I thought that since I now looked like a slut I would act like one and decided to go to the store with no underwear. I didn't want anyone to know though so I put on one of my heavy long wool skirts and a wool bulky knit sweater.

It turned out to be a wild experience. I had never gone without underwear before and my naked legs and butt and breasts rubbing on the wool strangely excited me.

When I bought the whiskey I impulsively picked up a mans magazine blushing as I told the clerk it was for my husband and when I got home I took off my clothes and compared myself to the girls in the magazine

To my surprise my weird body seemed to be the ideal and all of them had shaved pussies.I began to think that maybe I should be proud to show my body since the girls in the magazine were probably paid big money to show themselves.

The whiskey didn't help much and I was not able to convince myself it was alright to be naked in front of the people in the office. It did help me sleep though and the next thing I heard was my alarm going off at six since he had told me if I was late for work he would assume I had changed my mind and would send the police for me.

Even though I took a long shower and spent extra time with my hair and makeup I still got to the parking lot at 8:00 AM and had to wait dwelling on what was to come. I still had not made up my mind on the instrument. From the marks on my body it was obvious the strap and whip caused the least amount of damage but on the other hand it would allow them to hit my most sensitive places. I decided to wait until the last minute but thought I would probably go for the ruler or maybe the cane.

Finally it was 8:30 AM and the doors were unlocked.

End part one. Do you like it so far. E-mail me if you want another chapter.


I went in and sat at my desk thinking the seat may not be as comfortable the next day.

My Boss came in about 8:15 and told me to follow him to his office.

At his office he did not tell me to sit down so I nervously stood in front of him.

He said, "Obviously you have decided to accept your punishment."

I hung my head and said softly, " Yes. I thought about it all weekend and decided I should be punished and degraded.If it hurts bad I deserve it."

"Good girl."

That seemed to be his favorite thing to say when I agreed to pain and humiliation.Weirdly I wanted that approval.

"Did you do as I asked?"

"Oh you mean shaving my crotch? Yes I did."

"Come here. I want to see if you earned any penalties.Pull your skirt up to your waist."

I blushed as I had hoped showing myself could be put off as long as possible but lifted my skirt. He pulled my panties down to my ankles then knelt in front of me to stare at my pussy to my mortification.

Looking was not good enough he began feeling it with his fingers saying, "Touch is sometimes better than sight to find stray hairs."

I blushed in shame. He was rubbing and touching and opening my lips even more than I had shaving it. But the worst thing is it began to excite me. He looked up at me and grinned saying, "You are not the prude you pretend you are. Your pussy is wet."

I whined. "I can't help it. My mind is appalled at what you are doing but my body likes it."

"Whatever, I am just glad to see you are not frigid. You may return to work. Oh by the way have you picked your first instrument?"

"No I thought I would wait until the last minute. The paddle is awful but I am afraid of where the strap may hit me."

"Yes. It is planned that way the buttocks can take a lot of punishment while the strap will not cause any inner damage when used on your stomach, breasts or as you like to say crotch although it makes a lot of sting."

"My crotch! My God! I had never thought about being hit there. That would be awful!"

"Actually the girls that were hit there tell me it is no worse than the stomach as long as the lips are allowed to protect the clitoris and tender inner lips."

That made sense to me since the stomach and crotch had the same skin but the thought still made me cringe and I decided I would choose only the paddle or ruler.

I went back to my desk barely able to concentrate on my work. Time dragged since I spent most of the time watching the clock tick off seconds till the dreaded five PM. As I watched it I thouht that if I was hit once a second it would all be over in twenty seconds. Even twenty seconds seems like a long time when you watch them ticked off one by one but I thought I could take almost anything for twenty seconds and of course I deserved all the pain he could give me.

I skipped lunch since I had no appetite and just walked out on the street wondering what people I saw would think if they knew I would soon be naked and beaten.

All afternoon I thought about all the things I could have done rather than steal. I ould have worked out a payment plan with the mechanic, I could have borrowed the money from my parents, I may have been able to get an advance on my salary,or I may have been able to borrow the money from my boss but I took the easy way out.

By the time five oclock came I had totally convinced myself I deserved the punishment and actually was getting a deal because I really deserved twice as many spanks.

My boss came to me shortly before five and told me to follow him to is office. I went willingly anxious to get this over with.

At his office he said, "Are you sure you want this punishment rather than what a court may think is apropriate?"

The blinking red eye on the camera let me know he was just providing more proof this was my idea but I didn't care and made him happy by saying, "Yes. I deserve being punished severely. I hope it hurts a lot."

He took me to the conference room and I saw the table had been pushed to the wall and a straight chair was placed in the center of the room in front of a half circle of other chairs. Girls from our office and his partner started coming in to seat themselves.

The girls seemed nervous and excited but his partner stared at me with a look of pure lust. I didn't know if the chair was there to be familiar to my parents spankings or not but the avid audience made that similarity remote.

He told me to take of all my clothes emphasizing "All" so I started with my shoes and knee high stockings, then my blouse, skirt and full slip. The girs were cruel laughing and saying, "Check out those Granny panties. I didn't think anyone under seventy wore those." Another laughed and said, "Yeah and look at the industrial strength bra. I think it is made out of canvas."

I was hurt and thought about saying, "At least they are not slutty like the underthings you probably wear." but I thought better of it hoping they may be sympathetic toward me.

When I took off the bra and panties though I got some satisfaction as one said, "That is a great body. In spite of all my years in the gym I don't look that good." Another said, "Yeah. Awesome." My bosses partner said, "I had no idea she had that wonderful body. The clothes she wore made me think she was fat."

I understood that since my big boobs held the blouse out to make room for a big belly if I had one. The admiration did not make me feel any less naked since I was standing in front of five near strangers since none of them were my friends. I stood there with my hands at my side and my head down in shame blushing like crazy. The weird thing was no-one commented on my shaved pussy making me think they were also shaved.

I found out my ordeal would not be over in twenty seconds when my Boss said, "We all have our favorite instruments. Mine is the paddle. When you choose the instrument the person familiar with it will give you five spanks and then a rest for the next set of five."

I groaned realizing I would be naked much longer than I had hoped and also unlike my parents spanking I would not get a chance to become numb.

Since my crime was against my boss I gulped and said, "Please use the paddle."

He led me over to the chair and I leaned over to grasp the seat.he told me to open my legs to brace myself.

I heard the "Whirr" then my left butt cheek exploded in pain making me jerk to make my big boobs jump and sway.He let the pain radiate then hit my right cheek which hurt just as bad and my jerk and sway was joined by a little dance as I shifted from leg to leg trying to ease the pain by flexing my butt muscles.Again he waited for the pain to radiate all though my lower body before the next on my left cheek then my right and a final terrible one low down on my butt.

As I leaned there crying he told my audience to check his work. They came to me and created massive mortification by feeling my cheeks to comment on the heat and the beautiful red marks. I could hardly believe the cruelty of one girl who said, "She has tough skin.I think you can hit harder."

He did hit harder for the next five and the ten following until I was crying hysterically and someone said, "Oh wow. Her ass is going to be just one big bruise tomorrow."

I was sobbing so hard I got hiccups. Instead of feeling sorry for me someone said, "This is great! All that sobbing makes her tits dance."

Even then it was not over. He had me stand against the wall with my hands and legs open like a big X to be displayed while I thought about my crime.

I stood there for what seemed like forever while people poked and prodded my sore buns then he said, "I think you should thank me for letting you off so easy."

I moaned, "Yes. Thank you sir." and I meant it knowing I could have been hit even harder with the leverage the long handle of the paddle provided.

When everyone had a chance to feel and poke my sore buns I was told I could dress. When I reached for my panties my boss said, "We all hate your underwear.From now on you will wear no underwear. No bra,no panties, no slip. Just a skirt and a top."

I moaned knowing my big boobs would sway when I walked to make it obvious I was naked underneath. My Mom had only bought me wool skirts since they would last forever. When I put it on the fibres of the wool stuck my sore butt lie a million little needles and any movement dragged the needle against my inflamed skin to make me whimper.

When I put on the blouse I found my nipples were super sensitive and movement made the blouse rub on them. When I walked I discovered for the first time that my hips swayed as I moved causing the little needles to scrape n my poor cheeks.I found it was more pronounced on stair and our cheap boss had our parking lot on the top floor of the parking garage to save money. By the time I got to my car it felt like my butt had beeen sandpapered to make it even more sensitive. I also found the stairs made my boobs rub on the blouse to make my nipples hard to increase the sensation.

When I sat down in my car the needle really dug in to make me gasp and raise up. there was no-one around so I got out and pulled my skirt up o my waist to sit on the smooth vinyl seat. It was cool and felt much better and as I drove it warmed to feel very sensual. Each bump made my boobs move to keep my nipples hard and soo sensitive.

When I got home I took off my clothes and backed up to the mirror. I gasped as I saw my whole butt was a reddish purple color which explained the throbbing. I must have rubbed it with cold cream for an hour before it felt good enough for me to go to sleep. Just before I went to bed I leaned over with my legs open to see what the audience had seen. I gasped and blushed as I saw for the first time that position made my pussy even more visible than a front view.

I finally got to sleep by lying on my tummy with no covers to rub on my sore ass.

end part two.


I woke up the next morning to find my butt was no longer hurting although there was some throbbing. I got up and went to the mirror to look at it hoping I was well. The girl was right my butt was covered with bruises making it obvious I would have to choose an instrument that was not confined to my butt also the thought of another spanking by my boss with that terrible paddle was frightening.

I put on another skirt hoping it would not be as scratchy but it wasn't then I put on a loose sweater so being bra-less was not so obvious. looking in the mirror proved it was right because there was no bump in the material from my nipples.However, when I walked to my car I found that the sweater caused even more sensation to my nipples and try as I might I could not keep my hips from swaying to stop the scratching on my butt.

I planned to pull up my skirt before I got in my car but there was a man standing by my car so I didn't have a chance and then I was in traffic so had no chance to do it on the way. By the time I got to work I was super aware of my butt and nipples which only increased going down the stairs.

At work it took all my nerve to face the smirks of my co-workers but thankfully they just nodded at me and continued their conversation.

A little later Mary, the tall blonde, came out and stopped by my desk to say, "I noticed you are fidgiting in your chair.Are your buns still sore"

"Yes but the main problem is this damn wool skirt rubbing on my buns."

" I'll bet. You really screwed up choosing the paddle. The holes in it make little blood blisters that take a long time to heal. You would have been better off with anything else."

"Yes but I owed the spanking to the boss and he said the paddle was his to use. Besides I was afraid of the other things because they could be used on my breasts and I found they were real sensitive."

"Yeah I suppose because of that all the instruments are about the same. The reason I am talking to you is that we girls think that with a makeover you could be pretty. The boss agrees and I am getting my portable sewing machine at noon to fix your clothes while Debbie and Joan do your hair and makeup.Be at his office at 1PM."

I had seen makeovers on TV and thought that may be nice as long as they didn't use too much makeup to make me look like a prostitute. I had found a light colored lipstick was sufficient.

When I went in it was not just the girls. My boss and his partner were standing there with big grins on their faces.Debbie and Joan were the other two witnesses so all the people who had enjoyed my punishment were there.

Mary had me stand straight in the center of the room with my hands behind my back then she unsnapped my skirt and pulled the zipper part way down so she could slide my skirt down until the waistline was barely above my butt crack and nearly to my pubic bone. Then as I blushed she ran her hand down he front of the skirt to feel the bottom of my crotch. Now knowing just where my slit coud be seen she took a piece of chalk and marked a new hem line about six inches below the bottom of my crotch.

Then she used the chalk to make a Vee from my shoulders to just below my breasts. Then she drew another line from my shoulders under my armpits and then back to my shoulders. Finally she made a horizontal line a few inches below my breasts.

She stepped aside and said to my Boss, "What do you think?"

He grinned and said, "That should be fine."

Mary said, "Okay take them off and I'll sew them up While Debbie and Joan do you."

I whined to the boss, "Would you men please leave?"

He just grinned and said, "No chance.I want to see the transformation."

I knew argument was futile so removed my clothes blushing clear to my tummy.

Debbie led me to an armchair and started taking down my hair.I had always worn it in a bun behind my head since it was easy to do and kept my fine hair from blowing in the wind.

When it was done Debbie said, "God.It hangs clear to your waist. How long has it been growing?"

"All my life except for trimming on the ends.Why?"

"It hides your whole back. We don't want that do we Boss?"

"No, Cut it shoulder length with a curl on the ends."

I felt bad about that since it had taken my whole life to grow it that long but then I thought it had taken my whole life to grow my crotch hair and at least they weren't going to shave my head.

While Debbie cut my hair Joan put on my makeup including curling my eyelashes and plucking my eyebrows which I had never bothered doing.

She put the pluckers in her mouth and suddenly lifted my legs to put them on the arm rests of the chair. I blushed in shame knowing that exposed my vagina clear to my anus to the delighted grins of my Boss and his partner.

Then she ran her fingers over my vagina and pulled any hairs she found. It hurt more than when I had done it because I had jerked them out while she pulled them slowly grinning at my whimpers and gasps of pain.

Finally it was over and they told me to look at myself in the mirror on the wall.I was relieved to see the make-up did not make me look like a whore but more like a model and I had to admit the hair-style was much more becoming than my severe bun.

My boss confirmed it by saying, "It is amazing what a litttle make-up and a hair style will do.She is lovely."

I blushed but enjoyed the compliment.

Mary had finished with my clothes and held the waistband open for me to step into then slid it up my legs. All it amounted to was two square strips of material held together with elastic bands like a ladder at the sides of my hips. I blushed knowing it would be obvius to anyone that I was not wearing panties and worse the elastic only came down to the bottom of my butt so the material could provide flashes of my butt and even my vagina if I took any big steps.

She put on my sweater and now it fit skin tight and the vee neckline showed all my cleavage nearly to my nipples and the missing sleeves with the cutout under my armpits showed the sides of my breasts to prove I was not wearing a bra.My midriff was bare to the top of the skirt but I consoled my self by knowing rock singers were just as bare.

I whined, "I can't let anyone see me like this!"

My boss frowned and said, "You can and you will.This is what you wil wear for the rest of the week unless the girls come up with a better idea."

I went out to my desk and prayed no-one would come in the door which was a pssibility since most of our work was done on the telephone, letters,or e-mail.

The UPS guy came in about four PM to pick up and deliver. Always before he had just dropped a package on my desk and impatiently waited for me to sign for it. This time he hung around watching intently as I bent over to sign and talking about the weather. Just before he left he said, "You are beautiful. What happened to the homely girl who had your job."

I blushed and said, "She quit."

I liked the compliment and it seemed better to be a new person rather than have him recognise me.

Five oclock came and I sat there nervously as employees who weren't witnesses left blushing as some of them said on their way out that I looked beautiful.

The boss came out and locked the door then waved for me to follow him.

I followed him meekly to see my audience awaiting eagerly in the familiar chairs. I stood there nervously until My boss said, "Mary. Mark her exposed areas with a lipstick. We don't want marks that will be visible."

She lifted my skirt slightly then marked all around my legs then lifted my sweater to mark the top of my tummy and my back.

It frightened me that it would leave a small area to hit me and also that she had marked my front as well as my back.

I knew I did not want the paddle again or things that could be used on my front so I chose the ruler.

The Boss told me to pick it up and take it to his partner.I was surprised that it weighed more than I suspected. Doing that seemed to make it look as if I wanted it. Then I bent over the chair but he said, "No. Stand on the chair with your hands on your head."

I liked that idea as it allowed me to keep my legs together.

When I was in position he hit across the back of my thighs and slowly worked up higher. It stung awful but certainly not as bad as the paddle until the last one at the crease beween my butt and thighs that made me yelp.

Then he had me turn around and took the same path on the front of my thighs.Thankfully my hip bones protected my vaginal area but the one on my pubic bone was so awful I shrieked.

Thankfully that was the last one and this time instead of standing against the wall I had to turn slowly in front of each of them as they felt the welts.

After all of them had a chance to comment on the heat and size of the welts I was allowed to dress and go home.

I was so unlucky! there were a couple of men on the sidewalk who stared at me and I had to insist that another man go in front of me on the stairs since I knew from behind he would see everything. From then on I brought a raincoat to work with me so I could wear it to my car and to my apartment.

At home I took off the skirt that had been torturing me all the way home and looked in the mirror. I was pleased to see the ruler had not marked me nearly as bad as the padddle and after a long soak in the tub the stinging was gone.

The experience had exhausted me and I slept like a baby until the alarm went off.

End part 3


The next morning I got up to look in the mirror noting how I was getting used to being nude. I was glad to see that the marks were not bad with just bruises where the edges of the ruler had dug in. I decided I would pick the ruler again since it was better and also his partner was not as mean.I was relieved since it seemed the punishment was getting less rather than more.

I started to put on the hated sweater and skirt but then I thought there was no need to suffer until I had to. I decided to put on a raincoat and wait until I was alone in the parking lot to slip them on.

I no sooner pulled into my space when Debbie pulled in beside me. She came over and said, "I see you are hiding yourself with that raincoat. The Boss won't like that, you had better take it off now."

I whined, "I can't. I am naked under it."

"That is your fault.You had better put on the outfit before someone else comes by."

I was able to keep from exposing myself by sliding the skirt up under the coat but I had to take the coat off to put on the sweater. She grinned at my gasp as the sweater slid over my nipples.

I whined, "You won't tell anyone will you?"

"Maybe not. Let's go inside."

She teased me on the way by rubbing my skirt on my butt or the sweater on my nipples enjoying my little gasps as the needles dragged on my sensitive skin.

When we got inside she told me to follow her into the bathroom. When the door closed she said, "You know the Boss would really be pissed off if I told him you had cheated with the raincoat don't you? The whole idea of the outfit was to embarrass you and cause irritation."

"Yes. Please don't tell him."

"I might not if you give me some kisses."

I remembered how my parents had been shocked and disgusted when they showed a gay pride parade on TV and said, "I can't do that. I am not a lesbian."

"Me either but I still like a good kiss from anyone.But if you don't want to I guess I wil have to tell him."

I whined, "I'll do it." and gave her a peck on her lips.

"Not there silly. Here."

She lifted her skirt to show a shaved vagina like mine. I gagged at the thought and whined, "Please No."

"Okay but God knows what the boss may do when I tell him."

"No! You promise not to tell him?"

"Maybe. It depends on how well you do. Now get on your knees and do it."

I felt totally degraded but got on my knees and kissed her crotch as far from the slit as I could get noting that at least she did not smell bad."

She said, "Not there.On the slit."

I groaned but gave her a little kiss there dying of mortification.

She said, "Better. Now do it again."

As she said that she put her hands by her vagina and pulled the lips open to show the wet inner lips. I gagged again but when she said impatiently, "Do it!"

I kissed her there feeling the moist lips against my lips to make me gag again.

She said, "Better.Now stick out your tongue and lick it."

I did it although my stomach was churning but even that was not enough, she made me lick the whole length of her gaping vagina and on her clitoris until my cheeks were wet with her juices.

Thankfully she said, "Oh wow that is enough. Any more and I will cum and not be able to work."

She left and I washed my face until it felt raw and rinsed my mouth a dozen times but I could still taste her. Even though it was not a bad taste it reminded me of how low I had become.

When I went to my desk she came out of the boss's office.I said in alarm, "You didn't tell him did you?"

"Yeah I did. I thought about it and it was more important to see you suffer more."

I hung my head feeling this terrible feeling of betrayal.I couldn't understand how she could be so mean after what I had done for her.

In a few minutes my Boss came out of his office and beckoned me. I went in fear wondering how many more spanks would be addded to my punishment.

He closed the door after me and said, "I understand you tried to avoid the little irritation of your sweater and skirt. Is that true?"

"Yes but it is more than a little irritation. The scratching on my sensitive skin drives me crazy."

"You will find that your skin may be irritated much more. Sit on the edge of my desk, open your legs and lift your skirt to your waist."

I did it in fear that he may spank my vagina but he scooped some little paper clamps out of his drawer. He pulled my slit open and clamped one on the lip. I gasped and tears came to my eyes at the terrible pinch. He didn't care he added three more then four on the other lip so my whole vagina hurt terribly. Then he lifted my sweater and put one on each nipple which was even worse.

Tears gushed from my eyes as I begged him to take them off but he said, "You must learn to follow orders. You may come to my office at your ten oclock break and I will remove them.That will give you an hour to remind yourself that you are never to ignore an order again."

I went back to my desk with my legs slightly open since my thighs would drag on the clamps.Pain was radiating all through my front and I hoped I would get numb but I didn't. The pain just changed from a sharp bite to an agonizing ache. Time goes very slowly when you are in pain and I guess I made it worse by constantly watching the clock.

The Boss started out the door and I asked him how long he would be gone but he wouldn't tell me just saying, "I don't know.I just have to do a little shopping."

I was hoping to know how long he would be gone so I could take off the clamps for a while but now I couldn't.

I had to get a file for Mary and just walking that short distance to the filing cabinets made me make little groans as the clamps dragged against my sweater and skirt.

Debbie noticed the agonized expression on my face and said, "You look like you are hurting.What did he do to you?"

"He put paper clamps on my vagina and nipples.It hurts awfully.You should be ashamed for telling on me."

Rather than apologise she just yelled, "Mary,Joan. Follow us to the bathroom you have to see this."

She took my hand and led me to the bathroom with the other girls quickly catching up with us.

When inside she lifted my skirt as I blushed in embarrassment then said, "Wow. They are really digging in.I didn't know the springs were that strong."

"Yes. They hurt awfully."

She lifted my sweater and said, "Wow they have totally flattened your nipples." Then she hit one with her finger to make it jump.

I yelled, "Oww. Don't touch them.That makes them hurt more! It hurts just to walk and have the fabric catch on them."

She just grinned and said, "I'll bet it does."

They let me go back to my desk but from then until ten they had me running errands for them especially where I would have to stretch up to high cabinets or bend over to low ones until every clamp hurt and throbbed.

Finally it was ten and I knocked timidly on the Boss's door for entrance.

When I was in he said, "I suppose you are here to have me remove the clamps."

"Oh yes please Sir.I promise I will never cheat or disobey you again."

"We will see but I think I will have you suffer another ten minutes.Do you agree you owe me that?"

I had suffered for over an hour so ten more minutes did not seem so bad if it made him forgive me and after all I deserved it for trying to cheat.

"Yes I owe you that."

"Good. Take off the sweater and skirt and stand against the wall facing me with your legs open."

I didn't mind that.I was sure I would have to take them off for him to remove the hated clamps and it was actually a relief to get rid of the scratchy things.

When I was naked and had opened my legs far enough to please him he picked up a box and put it on the chair beside me. that is when I saw what he had shopped for and what he had been doing since he returned.

The box was full of four ounce fish weights with fish hooks tied to them. He picked one up and I shuddered at the thought he was going to put the hook in my skin but what he did may have been worse. He put the hook in the clamp on my nipple then dropped it.I made a little scream as the clamp seemed to tighten even more making it hurt as much or more than when it was put on. He kept hooking them on every clamp until all he original pain came back plus more.

I stood as still as possible although I could not stop my breasts from heaving from my sobs He came up with more torture. He told me to get up on my toes and walk around the room. The tears in my eyes blinding me and the pain made me so uncoordinated I stumbled several time creating even more pain as the weights jerked.

When he finally told me to stop and lie on my back on his desk the relief of the weights no longer pulling was so great I said, "Oh thank you." ignoring the fact that I would not have needed that relief if he had not put on the weights.

He began to take them off and blood rushing back to my tortured nipples and vagina caused a new pain that again made me sob.

When they were off he began rubbing the deep indentations they had left and it felt so good it didn't even occur to me that he was rubbing places I had not allowed boyfriends to do with all my clothes on.

Then he did something incredible. He began kissing and sucking on my nipples as he rubbed my vagina then rubbed my nipples with his hands as he kissed and licked my vagina. A feeling of indescribable ecstasy raced through my body followed by a great feeling of release I later found out was an orgasm.

He stepped back and said, "You are incredibly responsive."

"Oh that was wonderful. I have never had a feeling like that before."

"Well sometime we will have to make new discoveries but right now I have to get to an appointment and I want to be back in time for your punishment session."

With everything that had happened I had completely forgotten that I still faced that.I whined, "Haven't I suffered enough today?"

"What happened today so far has nothing to do with the completion of the punishment you agreed to suffer. This was just an extra punishment for cheating. Incidentally don't blame me for what happens later. I will just be a witness."

He left and I put on my scratchy clothing and went to my desk. I was surprised to see it was nearly noon. Time had flown while he was soothing my hurts.

Mary took me to the bathroom and lifted my skirt to say in amazement, "You have incredible skin. All the indentations are gone with only tiny bruises."

I knew I was well thanks to the Boss's rubbing,licking and sucking but I didn't tell her and just agreed I seeemed to have good healing powers.

She said, "Good. You may need them after this session."

I ignored her knowing I would choose the ruler which had caused little damage and returned to my desk remembering the incredible feeling of his lips and tongue on my vagina. It was all I could do to keep my hands away from my crotch.

I must have daydreamed a lot because I was surprised when Mary came over to me to say, "It is time to go."

All I wanted to do was get it over with so I could go home to masturbate so as soon as I was in the door I stripped off the skirt and sweater and went over to pick up the ruler.

The boss said, "No. You have had the ruler and paddle.You must choose another instrument."

I was shocked I had not even considered anything else and went over to the tale to pick up the cane, then the strap,then the whip. The cane seemed light and I remembered it had been used on my butt so I picked it up and said, "Whose is this."

Debbie raised her hand with a big smile and I took it to her then bent over the chair.

She said, "No chair. I have something special planned for you. Get on the conference table on your hands and knees."

I did and she came over to me carrying a sack. She took three scrub brushes out of the sack and arranged them below my breasts crosswise with the third lengthwise below my crotch.

She told me to lie down on them and I let myself down as gently as possible feeling the stiff straw dig into my nipples and breasts and the whole length of my vagina.Just lying on them would have been punishment enough but that was just the start. She had me open my legs driving the needles deeper into my vagina then got between my legs. I felt a terribly sharp pain at the outer edge of my buttcheek from the tip and down my thigh with the length of the cane. It made me yelp and convulse causing more pain to my breasts and vagina. She kept on moving from the outer edges of my buttcheeks toward the center which hurt so much I hardly noticed the needles digging in to my breasts and crotch. She spaced them closely together but even then she was hitting between my cheeks towards the end then she said, "This is the last one.You know where it is going."

I knew and sobbed, "No!" but the cane came down with the tip hitting my tailbone and the rest hitting my anus and into my vagina to cause a blood curdling scream of agony.

I laid on the brushes sobbing and squirming until she said. "It is over. You may get up now."

I got back up on my knees to get my breath before getting down and then went to look in the mirror thinking I must be bleeding since my perspiration was rolling off me.

My breasts and crotch looked as if I had been attacked by a million mosquitoes but there was no blood. Debbie showed her first bit of compassion by saying, "I think we should let her wear her raincoat home. She has suffered enough and the marks will show under her skirt."

My Boss agreed and I thanked them for the relative comfort of the coat rather than the skirt and sweater.

When I got home I backed up to the mirror to count nineteen nasty red welts from the top of my butt to half-way down my thighs.Then pulled my buttchheks open to see the final one which left a welt on my anus and to the tender inner lips of my vagina.

I went to bed and began rubbing my breasts and vagina until the good feeling overcame the pain thinking at least I had learned how to combat the pain.

End part 4


I woke up lying on my stomach for good reason. When I sat up I winced as I felt pain in my butt and thighs.

I got up to look in the mirror and counted 19 reddish purple lines running from the top of my butt down my thighs with the center ones running inside the crack and down the inner thighs. The whole area felt raw.

I carressed the lines with some hydrocortisone salve but it didn't seem to help much and I knew the wool skirt would be horrendous but I reminded myself that I had caused this punishment and would just have to live with it. The good news was I only had two more days to suffer.

I put on the sweater noting that the scratching on my nipples seemed more exciting now than painful then put on the skirt. The lines showed below the short skirt so I put on my raincoat to hide them.

The walk to my car made me wince as the skirt rubbed on my welts but sitting on the seat made me gasp as needles seemed to dig into my raw thighs.

At the office I took off the raincoat to show everyone that I was wearing the hated outfit. Debbie,Joan and Mary had me go to the bathroom so they could study and probe my welts enjoying my little gasps of pain.

Mary said, "Wow. The cane really leaves dandy welts."

I said angrily, "I would hardly call them dandy. They still hurt even though they had all night to heal."

Mary said, "Well no matter if you choose me or Joan we won't hit you on the welts.Right Joan?"

"Right. That may make them bleed."

"Really? Thank you for that.I have been living in fear that they would be hit again."

Debbie grinned and said, "You know how to thank them."

I said in alarm, "Oh please don't make me do that.I am not a lesbian and it is horribly degrading.Besides there is no time."

Mary grinned and said, "Did you forget you came in early? We have a half hour till nine.I guess we could change our mind about hitting the welts. Right Joan?"

I hung my head in resignation and sobbed."Oh okay. I'll do it."

I got on my knees and they stood in front of me with open legs and raised skirts to pull my head into their vaginas one then the other then back for the whole half hour while I died of shame feeling my face get wetter and wetter as I drove my tongue deep inside them and wiggled it as ordered.

When the time was up I washed and gargled but could taste them for a long time.

At ten oclock Mary said, "Come into the boss's office.I made you a new dress."

I hesitated wondering if this would be made of barbed wire but followed her in.

While the boss watched she had me take off the sweater and skirt and helped me put on a dress that was long enough to hide the welts. It had a zipper up the front and when she szipped it up the dress made of black spandex that fit so tightly it was like a second skin.Although it covered me completely to my neck I still seemed naked since it looked like I was just wearing a coat of black paint.You could clearly see the bumps made by my nipples and even the indentation of my navel,and the raised portion of my stripes.

It didn't hurt though and did cover me so I thanked them.

My boss said, "I thought this costume would be better since any welts would be hidden from public view."

I moaned remembering either the strap or whip could be used on my belly and breasts that were exposed by the sweater and skirt but at least any welts would not be scratched by this material so I thanked him.

Mary grinned and said, "She really knows how to thank you.If you tell her to she will go down on you."

He grinned and said, "Is that right?"

I moaned I had only seen a penis once in a sex education course and had quickly turned the page in embarrassment but at least that would be heterosexual activity and Monica Lewinsky had seemed to enjoy it. I hung my head and said, "If you want me to do it I will Sir."

"I think that would be adequate thanks. Come over here and kneel between my legs."

I knelt there and as ordered unbuckled and unzipped his pants and pulled them and then his shorts down to his ankles. I was amazed. The quick look at the picture had not prepared me to see the penis about eight inches long and a couple of inches thick with big veins in the shaft capped with a mushroom like head.

I didn't know what to do but he was glad to direct me telling me to lick it from the head to the base as I watched it grow and get hard in amazement. Then he had me lift it so I could lick the underside and his hairy testicles. I was dying of shame knowing only the lowest slut or prostitute would do this and the girls made it worse by giggling and making comments like, "She is a born cocksucker."

It became very hard and he had me take it in my mouth then grabbed my hair to push it deep into my mouth to make me gag then pulling me back only to pull me forward again to gag again over and over until suddenly it pulsed in my mouth and I felt his semen shooting down my throat. To my surprise there was little taste to it although it felt like phlegm.

He held it in my mouth until it softened and then said, "Good girl. That was a nice thank you.You may go back to your desk."

My life was hell for the rest of the day.The girls would put things in their mouths and grin at me as they sucked them to remind me of my shame and then they began to whisper to other girls and point at me so I knew they were telling them I was a slutty cocksucker. I knew the word would spread until the whole office knew of my terrible behavior. The worst thing was I had done it with no threats.I assumed I would be punished if I didn't but I didn't know for sure and should have at least made a token resistance to find the alternative.

By five oclock I was so angry at myself I was actually hoping the punishment would be really terrible.

At five oclock I went to the conference room without being told then had to wait while the others came in.

Mary laughed and said, "She is really anxious to get punished."

I scowled at her but I had to admit it was true.

When everyone was seated I unzipped the dress and let it fall off my shoulders to the floor. I blushed as I realized I was pushing out my chest and sucking in my tummy which I knew from looking in my mirror made me look good. Again I hated myself for wanting to look good to people who wanted to see me hurt.

The boss said, "Pick your instrument, "

I started toward the table then noticed the chair was missing and in it's place was a pair of shower clogs about three feet apart and what looked like small dog collars attached to a rope coming down from a pulley in the ceiling. The rope went to a boat cleat on the wall.

This was new and frightening. I said with a quaver in my voice, "Where is the chair?"

My Boss said, "For these last two instruments your entire body must be accessible."

I shuddered realizing I was finally to the point my most sensitive place may and probably would be hit.I whined, "That will really hurt.Won't it."

Mary said, "Yes but you deserve to be hurt.Don't you?"

I whined, "I guess so."

She ssid, "Don't guess! Say you deserve to be hurt!"

I winced at her sharp tone then said, "I deserve to be hurt." then I surprised myself and my audience by adding, "I deserve to be hurt so much I will scream and cry."

Mary grinned and said, "We will see to it.You may scream all you want. Everyone has left the building."

That seemed better to me it had been a great effort to muffle my screams.

I went to the table and picked up the strap and the whip trying to decide.Although I knew I should be hurt the whip scared me and I chose the strap.

Debbie cried."Oh Goody. That is mine! Bring it to me."

I took it to her feeling my breasts move with my faster breaths of air from nervousness. She took it from me and rubbed it on my inner thighs saying, "I am going to hit you here. Does that frighten you."

"Oh yes that is really sensitive."

She just grinned and rubbed it on my belly across my pubic bone. Saying "Here too."

I just groaned knowing that would hit the top of my pussy lips.

She rubbed it across my breasts making my nipples pull and said, "These will really bounce."

I whined, "Please not hard there! That will hurt awfully."

"Yes but you need to be hurt don't you. You know you deserve it."

"Oh Damn you. Yes."

"Say,Hit my tits until I scream."

I hesitated frightened at that thought until she said, "Well?'

"Oh God. Hit my tits until I scream."

She grinned and said, "Put your feet in the clogs and buckle the cuffs on your wrists."

I thought it was really mean to make me prepare myself for pain noting the clogs were pointed towards them so they could see every lash to my front.

I had to open my legs to put my feet in the clogs that were nailed to the floor.I blushed as she said, "Great. That makes her cuntlips open.But next time I think they should be even further apart."

I clumsily buckled the cuffs nervous and frightened by what would follow and then crossed my hands over my groin to hide the obscenity of my open lips.

She said, "Good. Tighten the rope."

My boss went to the rope and started pulling it down to lift my arms to end my brief effort to hide my pussy. He pulled it until my arms were above my haead but he didn't stop there and continued to lift me until I felt my body stretch. Debbie said lift her until her heels leave the ground.

Now I felt vertabrae open and pain to my shoulders as my breasts lifted and my skin tightened over my ribs.

Mary said, "Oh wow. Look at how that stretch has raised her tits so even the little crease under them has gone and her waist has shrunk to nothing. I'll bet her skin is super tight. Let's go feel her."

Suddenly hands were all over me squeezing and pinching to make me cringe and blush at the indecent probing of my most private parts.

Debbie felt my vagina to deepen my blush as she said, "God even her pussy has tightened." My Boss said, "Her ass is tight too."

Debbie said, "Ooo I just want to hit her tight parts. Get her wool outfit and mark her.

They held my skirt against me and marked below the waistband at my pubic bone and above the hem just below my buttcheeks then held the sweater against me.

I said hopefully, "If I wear this you can't hit my breasts. The marks will show."

Debbie grinned and said, "No problem. We can just safety pin the cleavage together."

I whimpered, "Please don't do that to me.It fits tight already.Pinned every fibre will dig into me."

"Duhh. That is the idea." She drew a line at the top of my cleavage then at the former crease below my breasts.

Mary said, "Wow that doesn't leave much room to hit her. About three will cover her butt and boobs."

"Oh I can double up. I figure five to her butt,five across the front of her hips and five to her boobs."

The ones to my butt and the front of my hips didn't scare me too much since I knew my hip bones would protect my vagina but the ones to my tender breasts really scared me. I decided to try to bargain.

"Please can't I just have two to my breasts and eight to my bottom. That will hurt a lot."

"No five to each but don't you want to know where the last five will go?"

I had forgotten I was to get twenty and cringed at the thought of where the last five would go. I whimpered, "On my belly?"

"No silly. They would show there.Guess again."

I moaned, "Oh God no. Not on my vagina!"

"If you wish to be formal but I would rather hear you say. 'On my cunt.' If you said that I may not hit as hard."

I whined, "You are going to hit me five time on my cunt!"

"That's better. You have had enough fun having us feel you so let's get on with it."

That was unfair.I was not having fun with their fondling and prodding it was just embarrassing."

The rest of them sat down again and I noticed the men moving the bulges in their pants to a more comfortable position.

She took the strap in both hands and swung it against my butt so hard I let out an agonized cry but she continued causing even more agony as I screamed and thrust forward with each terrible spank only to hear someone exclaim, "That really makes her push out her pussy!"

Then Mary did an awful thing. She got behind me and pushed as hard as she could on my sore ass to thrust my hips forward for five agonizing spanks there that let the strap sting my poor cunt lips.

I was almost hoarse but my screams continued as five went across my boobs flattening them only for them to push out for more. My body could not stand any more pain and miraculously something happened. The last two across my nipples just brought impact and throbbing.

Even when she stepped in front of me to bring the strap up between my legs I just gasped as my pussy jumped and squirmed under the impact that just seemed to bring more numbness and an ache deep into my belly.

They let me hang there panting and sweating while the pain coursed through my body. When my breathing became nearly normal as sobs and tears bathed my burning breasts they loosened the rope. I was so weak I sunk to my knees. Someone held me under my armpits to keep me from collapsing all the way as they unbuckled my cuffs.

They began rubbing all my burning and stinging welts but I did not protest since it seeemed to help. The stinging began to subside then my Boss who was rubbing my poor vagina said, "She is something else. In spite of everything she is getting wet."

That made me feel totally humiliated. I thought I must be the biggest slut on earth to get wet after all that pain.

Mary put on my sweater and Debbie pinned it tightly together to squash my breasts and bring back the sting as the needles from the fabric dug into my red swollen breasts.

She put on my skirt but then jammed it between my legs to pin it tightly against my red and swollen vagina to start me crying again.

They had me walk around enjoying my winces of pain as the needles dug in and scraped against me then it was finally over. I walked to my car and when I was safely inside removed the pins to breathe a sigh of relief.

Unfortunately when I got home there were some men on the sidewalk so I had to pin the sweater back up whining as each pin pulled it tightly against my super sensitive nipples. When I walked to my apartment they whistled and yelled, "Nice tits!" and "Nice ass." Since they liked me I wondered if they would have felt sorry for me when I was so cruelly treated or if they would have been excited by it.

I was so exhausted by the pain I took off my clothes as soon as I was inside and fell into bed lying on my side in the foetal position which was the only part of me that didn't hurt.

End part 5


The next morning I laid in bed longer than I should because my pussy and breasts were aching and I dreaded seeing the damage that must have been caused by my terrible beating.

I finally worked up my nerve and got up to look in the mirror.My breasts appeared to be fuller as if swollen and also my pussy lips seemed swollen but there were no bad bruises. Nothing at all like the damage the paddle and the cane had caused.

I carressed them gently and found they seemed super sensitive.Just the lightest caress made my nipples harden and my clitoris pushed out as if wanting more.

To my shame I went back to bed and carressed them as I remembered the strap hitting them and had a wonderful orgasm.

I didn't understand what was happening to me. Were they making it easier on me or was I becoming numbed,or most shocking was I becoming so warped punishment was becoming exciting to me.

In spite of the fact thinking of being hit while masturbating had brought about a great orgasm I decided it could not be possible to become excited by pain.

It was getting late so I got up and rushed to get ready. At least it took little time to dress since I was just wearing the sweater and micro-skirt. I decided the sweater did not need to be pinned since my breasts just had a healthy pink look like a minor sunburn.

On my way to my car I noticed something else new. Rather than being irritated the wool was now exciting me as it rubbed on my nipples and a quick check confirmed that my nipples had hardened like little thumbs.

At a stop light I pressed the skirt against my vagina. Rather than hurt the little needle like wool fibres made an exciting tingle. I blushed to my toes when I noticed a man in the car next to me was grinning at me but then relaxed realizing there was no way he could see where my hand was and was just admiring my nearly naked breasts.

It shamed me though so the rest of the way I kept both hands on the steering wheel. That made the inside of my arms move the sweater at turns to rub my nipples and make them tingle but I told myself I couldn't help that although I changed lanes more often than I needed to.

Walking from the parking lot to work kept my nipples tingling constantly. There were some men on the sidewalk but this time instead of blushing and hurrying past them I felt proud they thought I was sexy and smiled at them as the skirt rubbed on my swinging butt.

At work though I dwelled on the thought I would soon be feeling the whip and became frightened. I went to Mary and said humbly, "I know it is your turn with the whip. Please don't hit very hard."

"Only as hard as you want Darlin."

I said puzzled, "What do you mean?"

"I mean I think you are beginning to be excited by this. When Debbie finished with your pussy the strap was wet."

"I don't believe you. All I remember was terrible pain."

"Maybe your mind remembers pain but your body was definitely excited."

I blushed at the thought she could think that and said, "Well I don't want it to hurt badly."

She just grinned and said, "We'll see."

I sat at my desk and wondered if what she said could possibly be true and if so if anyone else had noticed. That thought again caused me to blush.

My Boss came to his door and beckoned me. When I was in he said, "Take off your clothes. I want to see the results of the last session."

I hesitated but I knew protest was futile so I took them off and then blushed as I realized I was posing with my breasts pushed out and tummy sucked in to make myself look really good as I had seen in my mirror.

He came close to me and looked at my breasts and crotch then said, "Your skin must be getting stronger. I see no bruises although there must be some internal bruising since your cunt lips are puffy and your breasts seem slightly swollen. Do they still hurt?"

"No not really. There is just some throbbing and the skin feels tight on my breasts."

Suddenly he grabbed both breasts in his hand and squeezed them to increase the throbbing dramatically.

I whined, "Please don't squeeze them. They are awfully sensitive."

"Yes but that will make this feel better."

He put his palms against my nipples and began rubbing them in a circular motion. I blushed and whined as my body betrayed me by stiffening my nipples and sending thrills through my body.

He said, "Stop whining! This feels good and you know it."

I blushed deeper and moaned, "Yes but it shouldn't.I feel like a terrible slut."

"You are a slut and you will like this more."

He began rubbing his hand up an down my pussy. I blushed even deeper as I realized he was right.Thrills seemed to go deep into my vagina and I was totally ashamed.

He rubbed until I felt my juices coating his hand and the whole face of my pussy as my body opened my legs more to get more of that feeling.

Just as my breathing was becoming erratic he stopped! Then said, "Don't you want to thank me for this good feeling."

I remembered that last time I had done it without protest and I didn't want to prove I was a slut so I whimpered, "You want me to suck you. What if I refuse?"

He was surprised at my response then said, "I guess I would have to add ten lashes for disobedience."

It was a horrible dilemna. Sucking him was terribly humiliating but the extra lashes would be terrible. I thought about it for a moment then whined, "I will take the extra lashes."

He looked mad and said, "Fine.Put on the dress because I am going to tell Mary to cover that beautiful flat stomach with stripes."

I gasped at that thought then put on the dress noting the sensual feeling of the tight material on my extended nipples and my bottom.

Again time dragged as I watched the clock. I had these terrible mixed feelings. I was proud that I had refused that demeaning act but the idea of now getting thirty lashes really frightened me. My rich imagination caused my tummy to tingle just at the thought of lashes going there.

The Fed Ex guy helped kill some time by hanging around making me feel good by saying he loved my hair and pretty brown eyes although his eyes never left the bumps in my dress caused by my nipples. He said, "You are truly beautiful.Could you stand up and turn around so I can see more of you?"

Nobody was ever interested in seeing me in clothes before so I did it sucking in my tummy knowing the spandex would shrink with it. I blushed but felt proud when he said awestruck, "God you look better than the girls in Playboy."

When he left I felt pleased for a minute then remembered that the dress made me look nearly naked and again felt ashamed that I had shown off for him.

Debbie and Mary asked me to go to lunch with them! I was so pleased they had never asked me before and I finally felt accepted.

On the way to the restaurent we passed a construction site where the men whistled and yelled at us. Debbie and Mary just grinned then laughed when they saw I was blushing.

After we ordered Mary said, "I understand you refused to suck the Boss. That was stupid. He was just getting to like you and that wouldn't have hurt you like the ten extra lashes will."

"Well maybe not physically but mentally it would be terrible. It is so degrading I coudn't sleep from the shame."

Debbie laughed and said, "That's funny.I like giving blowjobs it is fun to see them make all those funny faces as they get close to cumming."

I said haughtily, "I didn't notice.I was so ashamed I kept my eyes closed."

Mary said, "Well hon if you ever want to make more than minimum wages you may as well face the fact you are going to have to suck and fuck him."

"Oh please don't say fuck. I have thought about meeting my dream man and making love to him but fucking seems gross."

"Hon you have some real hangups but I know behind that prudish behavior lies a real sexpistol."

I blushed and said, "Please I don't want to talk about it."

They began to talk among themselves comparing stories of guys they had fucked and to my embarrassment compared their penis size. Then Mary said a guy named Tom was huge and when he stuck the monster into her asshole she thought she would be ripped open but once it was in it felt wonderful. The thought made me feel sick. I had never heard of anyone doing that. Just the little nozzle Mom had used to give me an enema had been uncomfortable I couldn't imagine a penis going in there especially if it was big.

They compared other men giggling and I could not believe they could be so casual about it. To me lovemaking was something sacred to be saved for marriage. I decided they were sluts but then thought they must think I am one too to be talking this way in front of me. That thought made me blush causing them to laugh at my embarrassment.

When we went back and the UPS guy came and stared at my boobs and complimented me I ignored him remembering he had never paid any attention to me when I was not dressed as a slut.

Time passed and I became more frightened wondering if I had made a mistake in not sucking the Boss. He would certainly have no mercy for me and worse Mary had said she was really anxious to whip me since it would really excite her. That bothered me since I thought she was beginning to like me and coudn't understand how she could be excited by hurting me. My only consolation was that this would be the end of my punishment. Finally it was time. I was really frightened and waited until I was told to come in to stall as long as possible.

When I was in I slowly unzipped the dress and very slowly opened it blushing but quickly riped it off when the boss's partner said, "That's right baby. Do a nice strip tease."

Now naked and blushing I got the whip and took it to Mary saying, "Please don't hit too hard."

The Boss said, "If she doesn't make good welts I will have her start over."

I cringed at that and then Mary said, "Like I said,only as hard as you want."

I went to the clogs and noticed they had been separated more. So much more I felt the lips of my pussy open as I spread my legs to get in them. Then I buckled on my wrist cuffs again thinking it was cruel to make me prepare myself for torture.

As soon as the cuffs were buckled I was pulled up so tight I felt my vertabrae open and my ribs tighten my skin to make my tummy concave.

This time there was no fondling. The Boss just said, "Do a good job."

I just hoped she would do it fast and get it over with as soon as possible. Her first lash hit my upper back leaving a sting that wouldn't have been too bad if the tips had not come around to hit the side of my breast creating deep pain that made me gasp.

She was in no hurry waiting until the pain subsided before hitting again just a little lower but still the upper thongs hit my breast again to make me make me cry, "Aii..."

She again waited as pain travelled through me then skipped my lower back to hit the upper part of my butt. Again the tips came around to jerk my pussy lips open. She waited until I calmed then hit slightly lower and kept going down until my butt and thighs were stinging and burning at the same time.

Then she stood behind me to forehand and backhand my tender inner thighs to make me yell and cry. Someone yelled, "This is great! When her thighs are jerked her pussy squirms."

That made me cry harder knowing they had no sympathy for me.

Then she moved to my side and began hitting across the front of my thighs and slowly moved upwards as I wailed knowing as the stripes climbed they would hurt worse.

She worked up my stomach slowly then stopped at a terrible one at my rib cage to say, "That about right Boss?"

He said, "Yeah.She is getting striped pajamas."

She went up with just one thong hitting my breast then two, then three, then all five with one hitting both nipples to make me scream in agony.

She stopped for a moment to let me calm and then the magic happened. With the whole front of my body striped and stinging I felt excitement growing and my panting was from sexual excitement.

She felt my stinging but wet pussy and said, "You want them harder don't you?"

A week ago I woudn't believe I would moan, "Yes. Harder."

From then on she just hit my breasts then my vagina then back to my breasts and to my vagina for I don't know how many times I only know I had orgasms that nearly made me pass out.

Then she fondled my stinging boobs and pussy and said, "You want to be fucked. Don't you?"

I did. I really did and said, "Oh God. Yes!"

The Boss and his partner jumped up and I thought they would release me to have me lie on the floor but they just dropped their pants and shorts and the Boss jammed his huge dick into my pussy then his partner in spite of my "No. No!" jammed his dick into my rectum. There was a terrible stretch and I thought I would be ripped open but soon his dick felt almost as good as the Boss's in my pussy. They grabbed the sides of my hips to jerk me back and forth and new orgasms began happening until I was so exhausted I just hung from the ropes while they pulled out and put on their pants.

They released me and let me lie on the rug and then they left as if nothing special had happened. I went to sleep and didn't wake up until it was dark. I put on the dress and cried all the way home knowing I had to be the most perverted person on earth.

End part 6

My Mean Boss 7

I cried all the way home not so much from the pain although there was a lot of that but the horrible guilt about what I had become. I could hardly believe that in only a week they had transformed me from a modest virgin to a total pain slut. Even in the midst of my guilt flashes of the ecstasy from the pain and fucking ran through my mind only to be suppressed by all my will.

At home I went to bed in my clothes afraid if I undressed I may want to masturbate as flashes of the fantastic feeling of having dicks in my pussy and ass kept darting into my mind.

I couldn't sleep so thought about what I should do.I finally decided to try to return to my former self by dressing as a nice girl should. That thought relieved me a bit and I was able to go to sleep.

The next morning I put on my "Granny panties"as they had called them that covered me well above my navel then my sturdy cotton bra wincing as it pressed against welts. Then a girdle, stockings slip, skirt nearly to my ankles, a loose dark blouse and finally a suit jacket.

I looked in the mirror and was satisfied that at least I did not look like a slut.

When I went to my car the men were on the sidewalk. They ignored me and I heard one say, "She should be out any minute." I blushed realizing they were waiting for the old slutty me.

On the walk to the office even the construction workers ignored me and I knew I was again virtuous.

At the office Mary saw me and said, "Oh Shit! I thought we had cured you."

I said haughtily, "If you mean I am no longer a slut,you are right.I am never going to get into that situation again."

My Boss called me into his office and said, "My God girl. How can you hide that wonderful body under those ugly clothes?"

I said, "These are normal clothes for a nice girl and that is what I plan to be."

He said gruffly, "Well you accepted your punishment so I guess you can return to your old prudish self if you want to but I know that sooner or later you will accept the fact you are down deep a slut and want the thrills you so obviously enjoyed."

I said defiantly, "No I won't. You made me crazy but I am sane now."

When I went to my desk I noticed how confining my clothes were although I had never thought so before and also how boring my job was. I knew that would not get better and also I had no chance now of getting a raise in pay.

At lunchtime Debbie and Mary did not invite me to join them so I followed them alone to see the construction guys whistle at them and then go silent when they saw me. In spite of myself I felt a pang of jealousy. I sat at the back of the restaurent noticing all the guys stopping by to talk to Debbie and Mary. No-one was interested in me. Even the waiter who had hung around when I was a slut just took my order and left.

That night when I undressed I looked in the mirror and saw most of the damage was gone but that reminded me and I hurriedly put on my flannel jammies before I slipped and touched myself.

The next day was the same and I definitely missed the attention of the men. Even the UPS guy did not recognise me and asked where the other girl was. I told him she didn't work here anymore but I was hurt he didn't recognise me. After all my face was the same except no makeup.

For something to do at home I washed my cut off sweater and skirt and the dress but seeing them hanging above the tub to dry excited me and I closed the door in shame to keep from seeing them.

That night I had a nightmare. Well it should have been a night mare I was hanging from a limb with a bunch of people around staring at my nude body and a big man with a whip started walking toward me.

I woke up with my arms stretching behind my head to grip the bedposts and my pussy was wet and tingling. I really tried not to but I rubbed my clit and pinched my nipples until I had an orgasm.

The next morning I realized that I would never be happy as my old prude self and it didn't matter since my parents and old friends would never know I had become a slut.

I put on the dress and went outside where one of the men said, "Oh I am so glad to see you. I was afraid you had moved. You are so beautiful!" The other guy said, "Yeah." and I blushed and thanked them so glad to be loved again.

The construction guys yelled too and I grinned and wiggled my hips on the way to work.

I knew what I had to do. The Boss was already in his office and I timidly knocked on his door. When he said "Come in." I went to his desk and got on my knees and said, "I am sorry I disappointed everyone by going back to being a prude. I deserve to be punished."

He smiled and said, "Yes you do but you must earn it. Strip and suck my dick."

A week ago I would have been horrified but now I felt my pussy get wet and my mouth watered. I took off the dress slowly as I knew he liked as he began lowering his pants and shorts.

I crawled to him and lovingly licked his inner thighs then his balls then his dick. Just before I put it in my mouth he said, "To make sure you really try to get me off I am going to put paper clamps on your nipples and tits until I cum."

I moaned, "Yes." and put it in my mouth just as a clamp bit into my nipple. The pain just excited me and crazy as it sounds I sucked him real slow even pausing to make it last as clamp after clamp was added to my breasts to make them hurt and then throb.

Finally he could last no longer and jerked out his dick to flood my eyes and face with his cum. The degradation was thrilling and I just knelt there as he scraped off his cum with his finger and fed it to me.

He began to remove the clamps which nearly covered my breasts as I gasped at each removal. I had hardly noticed them going on but the pain at removal kept me gasping and moaning as my finger found my clit to add extra thrills.

Finally the ones on my nipples were removed to send thrills all through me and he said, "Do you want your punishment now or after five?"

"Now Sir if I may."

"All right. How many spanks do you deserve?"

"Ten. No twenty please sir."

"With what instrument?"

"The strap please."

"And where on your body?"

"On my breasts sir. They are real sensitive after the clamps."

"On sluts they are tits.Say, "Please spank my tits."

I cringed at the crudity but said, "Please spank my slutty tits."

He reached under me to palm my vagina and stuck in his middle finger to make me gasp.

"What is this I am touching?"

I moaned, "My vagina and clitoris Sir."

"No. It is your pussy or cunt and clit."

I moaned, "Yes. Cunt. Clit."

He brought his other hand down and jammed his finger in my tiny puckered anus making me gasp again as thrills shot through me from both fingers."

"Where is my finger?"

"In my anus. Sir.

"No that is your asshole. Say,'I love being fucked in my asshole."

I hesitated because a week ago I didn't know people did that except homosexuals but he was right I did love it.

I sighed, "I love being fucked in my asshole."

"Okay get the strap then kneel with your hands on your head. Do not remove your hands."

I got the strap and handed it to him then kneeled in front of him.

He began hitting my tits up down and sideways to keep them in constant motion. It hurt awful but the thrill was just as strong suddenly I realized he was counting and was at eighteen. I didn't want him to stop since I was nearly to orgasm so I took down my hands to put them behind me. He just grinned and hit harder and faster to make my tits jump and sway until I gave a little scream as orgasms began to pummel my body.

He grinned and said, "I guess that is enough.You took thirty one."

I moaned "Yes Sir. Thank you Sir"

"Now you owe an apology to my partner and Debbie and Mary. Go to them and tell them you are sorry and you want them to punish you at five pm."

I put the dress back on noticing it seemed to fit tighter on my throbbing breasts and the nipples made definite bumps in the material.

I sat down to recover for a minute since I was still feeling little aftershocks from my orgasm and my tits throbbed with every heartbeat.

I was trying to decide what to say to the girls and the boss when it suddenly occurred to me that in my whole life I had never had a party. This could be my party. I started up Printshop and designed an invitation. I had to giggle since the flower border seemed so incongruous to the message which said, "I am sorry I returned to my prudish ways which disappointed you all. This is your invitation to punish me for my stupidity. We will meet in the conference room at five PM."

That seemed harsh so as a note of whimsy I added, "Bring your own bottle and invite a friend, "

I took the invitation to Mary who smiled and said, "I am glad to see the real you."

She read the invitation and said, "I don't know why you should be punished.I am happy you realized who you are."

"I do. My life has been Hell the last two dsys with all the guilt my damn parents caused me.I want to make it plain I have changed forever."

"Well then I will make sure you get orgasms from it."

In spite of my conviction that I wanted my new life it embarrassed me that she knew I wanted orgasms so badly and I blushed to make her giggle.

I took it to Debbie who said, "You love punishment.Don't you?

"Again I blushed as I said, "Not punishment just the thrill of pain."

I took it to Joan who said, "Oh good. I really wanted another chance at you. Punishing you made me so horny I had to go to the bathroom and masturbate."

It made me feel better that other girls masturbated. I thought it was just boys.

I took it to his partner who read it and said, "Are you sincere about this? All of it?"

"Yes Sir. I think I deserve it for being so stupid."

"Fine. I am looking forward to it."

I went back to my desk and then felt fear as I realized I had given them a blank check with no limits on what punishment I should get.

Then Mary came over and said, "I saw you go into the boss's office. Is this his idea?"

"No. I told him I deserved to be punished and he did."

"Really. What did he do?"

"He spanked my tits." I blushed at the new word in my vocabulary.

"Wow. I want to see them. Let's go to the bathroom."

I followed her and she waved at Debbie to join us."

In the bathroom she unzipped my dress and pulled it off my shoulders to place it on the cabinet then turned to say, "Wow. They are still red but it seems to help them. They seem rounder and fuller."

"Yes the spanking makes them swell up and throb."

She gently massaged them as Debbie watched which really felt good then suddenly she grabbed both my nipples and pinched them hard. "I gasped and moaned at the pain that went deep but it was thrilling too."

Mary grinned and said, "I know that feeling. It hurts but hurts good doesn't it."

I couldn't talk I just murmured, "Uh huh."

She released them saying "We have to save you for later."

Then Debbie felt them and said, "God I wish I had your tits. Even as big as they are there is no sag."

I said, "Thank you. I suppose that is because of those industrial strength bras I have worn since I was thirteen."

"Maybe or just good muscle tone."

I guess they had seen enough because Mary dressed me and we went back to our desks.

They invited me to lunch. They giggled as men stared at us some even walking backward to get our rearview. Mary said, "You are going to be a great friend. You are really a man magnet."

At lunch Debbie said, "You have really made my boyfriend a happy camper. He has always wanted to see someone who enjoyed pain. I just endure it when I have been naughty. He will be there right at five."

Mary said, "My boyfriend too. He likes tit torture and my boobs are so sensitive I won't let him do much."

I was shocked. "Wait. They are coming? The invite a friend thing was supposed to be a joke."

"Too late now they would kill us if we called it off."

I thought about it then decided a larger audience may be better. Then I said, "Tit torture. What is that?"

"You have already had it with the clamps and tit spanking. He likes to stick needles in the nipples or worse have you lie on thumbtacks while he walks on your back. Once was enough of that I bled like a stuck pig.

"Oh I don't want to bleed either."

"I made it sound worse than it was the blood stops almost immediately when the tacks are removed and there are only a few drops from each puncture but your tits have room for a lot of punctures."

"Oh that sounds horrible."

"Trust me it is a hell of a lot better than having them caned."

I hadn't tried that yet. I remembered the cane was awful on my butt. I shuddered at the thought of it hitting my nipples.

About four oclock people started coming in carrying sacks I assumed was booze which they carried to the conference room. By five about fourteen people had arrived. I began to be really afraid. Last time everyone in the room had a chance at me. Twenty people could really cause a lot of damage. I had visions of being rushed to a hospital but then realized if it got that bad the doctor would report it to the police and relaxed a bit.

At five I followed Joan and Debbie and Mary to the conference room.

It really was a party. Everyone had a drink and there were snacks on sideboards.

When I came in Mary said loudly, "Everyone. Meet Allene our guest of honor and your entertainment for the evening."

There was applause! God I felt like a rock star or something and it got better as Mary introduced me to everyone and they all said I was beautiful or had a wonderful body. Nobody had said that to me when I was a prude and I was thrilled.

I drank a few Screwdrivers to help my courage and then the boss stood up and said, "We are very proud of our Allene. She has overcome a psychological handicap imposed on her by her parents and we found she has a lot of courage, not only that as you can see she is very beautiful."

No one had praised me like that I was very proud and planned to make them keep feeling that way.

Then he said, "Come over here and get up on the table so they can see you better."

Now that I knew they thought I was beautiful I wanted to be seen and hurried over to step on a chair then the table where I made a slow turn so they could see how my dress hugged every curve including my pubic bone.

The Boss said, "Isn't she beautiful." There was a chorus of "Yesses" and I thought of how a week ago I would have been totally embarrassed to stand there in that dress but now I just felt proud.

He said, "I have another announcement. If Allene is totally cooperative my partner and I have decided to promote her to our Goodwill Ambassador position which would triple her pay check."

I had no idea what a Goodwill ambassador was but I was all for it. With triple pay I could buy clothes and get a newer car.

He took my hand and said, "You are going to cooperate aren't you?"

"Oh yes Sir. Anything."

That brought another round of applause making me smile.

He said, "Take off the dress so they can really see you."

I hesitated as my prudish nature returned briefly then took it off slowly to hear "More. More" then I was naked and the boss said, "Look and fondle she is yours."

Suddenly there were hands all over me as I was told to kneel so they could reach my breasts. I was thrilled and even more when my cunt lips were pinched and my nipples.

They felt me a long time then the boss said,'There are too many of us to all have a turn with her so we are going to have a raffle. There are memo pads on the table. Write down what you would like her to do or what you want to do to her. The memos will be put in a hat and Allene will pick one out of the hat and do it. There will be five lucky winners.You can each have two scenes so make sure you pick your favorite things.We want variety so if more than one of you chooses needle play or whipping with the same instrument she will discard the second."

One guy said, "Shit! I hope she picks me first."

He pulled me off the table so I could mingle naked. I went to Mary and said, "I am relieved only five can whip me."

She said, Maybe you won't be whipped at all. all these people have pet perversions.

I waited for them to fill their pads wondering what I may have to do if not being whipped.

End part 7

My Mean Boss part 8

I had another drink as people hurriedly wrote in their pads and one by one threw them into a hat.

While they were doing that the Boss and his partner went into their offices to bring back big shopping bags. I realized it was not just booze in the bags when they started bringing things out to lay on the table. I went over to look and Mary joined me. There were dozens of clamps from a very elaborate silver plated one to simple ones you can find at hardware stores and office supply.Along with them were lead weights. I picked one up and it filled my hand. I guessed it weighed a pound and there were gobs of them. Then they began bringing out whips. All kinds, a ringmasters whip,multiple leather thongs, a rubber one that looked like a snake,and a real evil looking one that had nylon needle like things all over it.

There were paddles. All of them looked as bad as the boss's one looked like a boat oar for maximm leverage and then fraternity paddles some with holes others plain.

There were canes from big walking canes to skinny nylon ones.

Then they threw a rope over the chandelier with manacles I recognized but instead of the shower clogs they both were grunting as they carried out a big steel pipe with manacles at the end I could only assume would be used to hold my ankles way apart.

They brought out a plywood panel with thumbtacks glued to it as close as they could get to each other. Mary grinned and said, "That is my boy friends."

God If I picked him I would have my breasts pushed into them. My consolation was the odds were against him.

Then they brought out a saw horse like my Dad had used but when I went over to look at it I saw someone had pounded litle finishing nails into it and then sharpened them. They were spread out the width of my waist and I thought if I was spanked over it the nails would puncture my tummy but then I realized it was too tall for that, the nails would actually hit my boobs unless I was lifted on to it with my arms and legs dangling. That thought made me shudder as I realized all my weight would be pushing the nails into my tummy.

I whined to Mary, "Oh my God. Everything looks awful How can I take hours of this."

She said, "Oh it won't be that long in torture they will probably want sex too and that will use up some time besides there is not enough stuff for twenty people so some probably just plan hand spankings."

I hoped I would be lucky enough for that.

Then I noticed a woman removing a long leather coat.Under it she was just wearing leather straps encircling her breasts and another strap digging into her pussy and butt crack going to the straps around her boobs.

I nudged Mary and said, "Look at that wild outfit."

She said, "Yeah. She is a femdom. You better hope you don't get her. I think she is jealous of big tits because I saw her beating a fat girls big boobs with that skinny cane until they were solid black and blue. She has no sympathy because I don't think she can feel pain. I watched a guy pierce her clit with a darning needle to insert a big ring. She didn't make a sound and that would hurt awful."

I shuddered remembering the little pinches on my clit while on the table had hurt I couldn't imagine a needle stuck into it."

It took them quite awhile to fill out their pads I guess they had trouble deciding on their favorite thing but finally the last note was put in the hat and the Boss said, "Okay Allene pick out a note. I bet a lot of them will involve your tits since they are so big and beautiful but of course you also have the prettiest tight pussy I have seen."

I appreciated the compliment but shuddered at the thought of how they would look afterward.

I shuffled through the notes and picked one. It was the Boss's partner and I read it aloud. "I will strap her butt. thighs, stomach, breasts and pussy while she poses for me in the best position for each area. For the second scene she will eat Debbie's pussy while Marie canes her ass with a variety of canes."

There was applause and then I looked up and said, "Who is Marie?"

To my horror the femdom gleefully waved her hand.

He got the strap and told me to lean over and hold on to the end of the table making my breasts hang straight down. He hit my ass causing me to yip and jerk.

Someone said, "Great impact.Her tits really jumped."

He kept spanking methodically down my ass adding more stings and burning as I yipped and jumped then he went down my thighs causing me to dance at the stings.

Then he said, "Now for inner thighs. Open your legs.By then I was sniffling but opened them only to have to open them more as he said, "Wider."

Someone said, "That gives a great view of her snatch."

He began strapping and the pain was five times as bad as my butt I began to cry but nobody felt sorry for me one guys yelled, "Oh yeah! Those high ones really makes her pussy squirm."

Finally he was satisfied my inner thighs were red enough and told me to turn around for tummy spanking.

He had me put my hands on my head and said, "Tighten your stomach muscles I don't want to knock the wind out of you."

He needn't have bothered I had already tightened them as much as I could.

For some reason my stomach is not especially sensitive I was able to take the pain with just yips and twists that made my tits sway.

When I was red from just below my tits to my crotch he stopped and told me, "Now breasts. Push them out for me."

I took a deep breath to push them out and there was a searing pain across the tops of them to make me gasp and then another just below my nipples.

Someone yelled, "Wow they flatten then pop out for more."

The next was across my nipples to make me scream to the delight of my audience then there were three more to cover all of them with red.

He stopped and said, "That seems to match her stomach don't you think?"

Someone said, "You missed the underside of her tits. That is still white."

"Oh yes of course. Allene grab your nipples and pull them up to your chin."

My poor nipples were stretched to the max by the time I had lifted my heavy tits high enough to suit him.

He began hitting there and that caused double pain as it jerked on my nipple but that caused the pain to be overidden by excitement. My sweating body was panting in excitement when he stopped to say "Get on the table on your back."

I did and he placed my feet about a foot to the sides of my butt and said, " When I say 'Now' you will raise your butt. You can let down then but raise it again to say 'Another.' Do you understand?"

I liked that idea it meant I could control the cadence.

"Yessir" and I raised my butt feeling my lips open."

"I didn't say 'Now' you just earned an extra one."

I let it down and said "Sorry Sir."

He just grinned and said, "Now."

I raised my ass and he hit right down the face of my pussy to cause pain to go clear into my womb. I let down to feel the pain radiate then raised again to say, "Another."

After a few I was close to climax and I let down only a second to yell, "Another!"

Then I was in climax and just kept it high sobbing, Another, Another."

In the daze of my orgasm I heard someone yell, "Check it out.The strap is getting soaking wet."

He said, "This was not in my program I hope you won't mind, " then dropped his pants and drove his dick into my pussy. It felt wonderful and I didn't care who was watching as new orgasms shook my body.

They let me rest a moment then the Boss said, "Okay Debbie.Get naked for your pussy pleasure."

She said, "I did not know I would be a participent in this thing but okay can I have some music."

The boss said sure and shoved a CD into the intercom thing that usually played elevator music.

A heavy beat began and Debbie climbed up on the table and did a slutty strip tease bumping and grinding and rubbing her breasts and pussy as soon as they were exposed. As soon as the song ended she sat at the edge of the table and said, "Come on Allene. I am ready."

The dance must have excited her because when I opened her lips with my thumbs her pussy was glistening from her juices.

I put my mouth on her pussy and began to lick when there was this terrible impact on my butt which drove my face into Debbie's pussy. I looked around to see she had the heavy cane which came crashing down again to make my whole butt jump. The pain was awful and I began to lick and suck furiously to get Debbie off as soon as possible. Then she switched to the skinny cane which was even worse since she concentrated on the junction of my thighs and butt and worst of all hit down the crack of my butt to set my anus on fire.

Finally Debbie let out a little scream and yelled "I am cumming!"

Marie was pissed saying, "Shit! You little slut couldn't you have held out longer."

I stood there rubbing my sore ass thanking God that had satisfied the caning things.

They let me calm down and I took the opportunity to slam down a couple of more drinks hopefully to deaden my senses.

Then it was time to draw another slip. "I said it was from Frank and a guy jumped up to yell, "Yes!"

I read the note aloud, "I propose Allene should be hung from the chandelier with the pipe to hold her legs widely apart while I use the flogger on her from her armpits to her middle thighs till every inch of her is red and stinging. For the second part I will use the rubber whip to make welts up and down the front of her body."

The flogger didn't scare me since it seemed pretty light but there was no doubt the rubber whip would leave bad welts.

I went to the rope and had my wrists manacled then spread my legs so wide the tendons showed on my inner thighs to have my ankles strapped to the pipe. I was lifted feeling a pleasant stretch at first but then the weight of the pipe came into play and I felt my vertebrae and then my shoulders and hips make popping noises as they pulled out of their sockets. My shoulders began to hurt right away and I moaned."Whip me. Get it over with."

He started at my back working down slowly to the center of my thighs. At my thighs he let the flogger go between my legs to snap against my inner thighs to make me scream and cry. Then he moved to my front starting at the top of my breasts and slowly down but these were erogenous zones and I began to become excited. He finished with three uppercuts to my pussy then went for the rubber whip as I hung there sweating and moaning agonizingly close to climax.

I looked down just in time to see the rubber whip bury itself in my breasts. The pain was so awful my excitement left and I knew I would be welted and bruised for days. For some morbid reason I kept watching that awful whip dig into my breasts to make them squirm in agony. I looked through my cleavage to see it pummel my pussy making it jump and squirm as I screamed in agony.

They let me down and I felt my joints settle back into their sockets to provide some relief. This time I got some sympathy. Mary took out a bottle of massage lotion and began gently rubbing my welts. soon others joined in and I realized they were going to bring me to orgasm which they did when they begn to rub my welted pussy.

I was exhausted and just laid on the floor breathing hard until I found the strength to sit up. Debbie brought me a drink and I slugged it down from a great thirst either from screaming or all the water I had lost from perspiration.

In about a half hour I was able to walk around so people could feel my welts and still hot skin.

The Boss came to me and asked, "Are you alright."

I said "I hurt awful but I guess I am ready for number three."

"Good go draw a slip."

I drew a slip from Janet. A woman waved who I guessed was one of the guys wife or girlfriend.

I read the note aloud. " Allene will stand quietly with her hands on her head while I put fifteen staight pins into each breast and nipple.Then I will hit them thirty times with a flyswatter. For the second part she will be hung upside with legs held open by the pipe while I put twenty hypodermic needles in her pussy. Then I will hit her open pussy with the needles twenty times with my ping pong paddle."

That scared me I whined when I had to have a shot and that was in the arm or butt I couldn't imagine what it would feel like in my breasts and pussy.

I got into position and she began pushing them in all around my aureola all the way to the heads. It was all I could do to keep my hands on my head as they drove into me causing an "Aii" at each one. She just grinned and said, "Wait till I get to the nipples."

When she did I knew what she meant. The nipples were much much worse. I also noticed the pins deep in my breast were making them ache.

Finally they were in and she began hitting with the flyswatter, Hard! I know a flyswatter does not sound like much but it really stung as she hit only the nipples making the pins move in and out.

Tears were flowing from my eyes when she finished and when she started pulling them out it seemed as bad as when they were put in.

When all were out I was given a drink while a couple of guys moved the manacles on the rope to a ring in the middle of the pipe

I moved over there and sat on the floor while they pulled my legs open to put the straps around my ankles.

Then they began lifting me. It is not bad to be hung upside down with straight legs but open causes terrible pain in the hips. When my pussy was at her eye level she pulled out my lips to stick in the needles. Thankfully they were put in sideways rather than straight in. By the nineteenth my pussy lips were covered and aching and then she reached in to pinch my clitiris and pull it out. I screamed"No! God no!" but she ignored me and pushed the needle through my clit causing me to scream in agony.

She stood there a moment admiring her work and watching me cry and then got the ping pong paddle and hit my open pussy. It was unreal. Each time the pins would move with the stinging hits and especially the one in my clit that had me crying hysterically.

Finally it was over and she started pulling out the pins which hurt almost as much as they had going in. I heard someone say, "Amazing. There is only a drop or two of blood at each hole."

Incidentally if you want to see what my pussy looks like with pins in it. EMail me and I will send you the picture.

My hips were so sore I couldn't walk so they just had me lie on the floor while Debbie and Mary massaged my hips. until I could move my legs with only a little pain.

I had another couple of drinks then went to the hat. I read several but it was stuff I had done so the boss told me to throw them out to the groans and protests of the writers.

Then one from Mary.

I read it aloud and was happy since it seemed like little pain. It said, "I want Allene to go around to all the ladies and beg them to let her eat their pussy. For the second part she will eat mine while I spank her ass with the Bosses paddle."

It was terribly humiliating and I was nauseous from swallowing all the juices but at least it didn't hurt.

Then Mary sat with her back against the wall sitting on the edge of a cushion she had taken from the couch and had me lie between her legs. Really the only bad part was the crick I got in my neck from laying my head back to lick her and of course the stings from the paddle which left like polkadots on my ass from the holes in it.

Now it was time for the last thing and I prayed it would be like Mary's.

I said it was from Jake and mary's boyfriend stood up and yelled "Yeah. This will be a first for me."

I read it aloud, "Allene will lie on her stomach with her breasts on the plywood full of thumbtacks while I walk on her back for five minutes. For the second part Allene will straddle the horse while I give her twenty spanks with the fraternity paddle."

God I had thought how bad it would be to have my tummy on the nails this would drive them into my pussy and If I didn't lean back even my clit

There was applause at the concept. I said, "Wait! I have already been stuck in my breasts and been paddled."

There was a big discussion then the Boss said, "The general consensus is that this is different. First of all since thumbtacks are relatively dull and thick they will hurt more and secondly a paddling on the horse is much different than the paddling you received. Besides this is the last thing and everyone would like to see it."

Jake yelled, "Yayy." and I looked around with hate as others also cheered.

To keep me from lifting myself with my arms he took a couple of pieces of hemp rope and run it between my legs and to my wrists at my sides. The smallest movement of my hands or walking to the board made the rope saw on my inner pussy lips and anus.

He positioned the board so all of my boobs would be on it and I let myself down as easy as possible. Thumbtacks are relatively dull and since my boobs are springy I just felt them pushing on me until he stepped on my back. I screamed as my tits went flat and all the tacks ripped their way into me. Then he would shift his weight to make me lighter on one side or the other to move them in and out as I sobbed and moaned. It was the longest five minutes of my life. Just look at your watch ticking off seconds for five minutes to get an idea.

It was nothing like the needles. When I got up the board and my tits were covered in blood. Mary looked at me in horror and ran off she came back with a litle bucket from the janitor room and a rag. She said, "This is Alka-seltzer. It soothes stomachs so it should help the cuts."

Bullshit!! When she slopped it on my tits they caught on fire. but she kept it up until all the blood was gone and they felt better. I went to a mirror and it looked as if my tits had been attacked by killer bees. Each perforation had a bump like a big pimple.

The boss came over and said, "I suppose you have had enough for one night."

I said defiantly, "No I asked for this and I can see it through to the end."

"Good girl."

Jake untied the ropes that had made my pussy raw from my struggling and retied them behind my back. Then he and another guy held my arms and legs and gently sat me down on the horse. I felt the points of the nails pressing into my lips but they didn't go in since like my boobs the skin just flexed. Jake and the other guy changed that by putting manacles on my ankles and adding weights to push me tighter and tighter against the nails until I felt them break the skin. He came around to look at my pussy and said, "You better sit quietly. One of the nails is right at your clit."

I knew that. I felt it but if I rocked back nails stuck in my anus.

Then he began spanking me. It was awful. That heavy paddle made me rock back and forth to stick my clit and anus at each blow for all twenty. I screamed myself hoarse and when I was lifted off blood was running down my inner thighs. In spite of my protests Mary wiped my pussy with the Alkaseltzer until the bleeding stopped and most of the pain.

I know what a Goodwill Ambassador is now. I am sent to select clients who have been told I will be their love slave. The only restriction the Boss gives them is that I should not be scarred. One guy came close to breaking the rule when he tied me to a post and burned my nipples with his cigarette lighter until blisters formed. Fortunately when the blisters went down there was no scar but my boss was pissed because my nipples were too sore to have any clothing on them which pretty well eliminated going to hotels.

I love it. Most of the time it is just fucking and sucking which is great or simple spankings of my butt, boobs or cunt. I carry the flogger with me and encourage them to use it since it just turns me red. Along with the raise I always get tips. Sometimes as much as five hundred dollars. His clients are so rich that is just chump-change to them.I just hope I can stay pretty long enough to make enough money to retire. Some of his clients gave me stock tips which have been really paying off.

Incidentally is anyone reading my stories? I used to get a lot of e-mail but now it is just from old friends,

Love ya,


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